A New Way to
Buy Your Leads

Stop Buying Spreadsheets,
Our Leads Call You!

Buying leads that you have to prospect yourself sucks. That's why we deliver exclusive, qualified, local customers to you via direct inbound calls.

We'll Help Grow Your Business

Receive calls directly from qualified, high-intent local customers.

Select your target call criteria, when you want to receive them, and we pre-qualify callers across a range of attributes to provide you a local, high-intent customer who is ready to speak with you regarding a policy.

The intuitive, self-serve LeadSquad platform allows you to easily view and manage your call history, and you’ll always have time to speak with the caller before you’re billed for the lead.

With the right combination of technology and seasoned veterans, LeadSquad generates highly engaged traffic from our own web properties. So all that is left for you is closing the deal! (We are working on how we can help with that too).

1 Select Target Call Criteria, Service Regions & Pricing

You simply select one of our qualified caller pricing tiers, decide how many calls you want and from what regions.

2We Generate, Qualify & Deliver Local Customer Calls

We generate and monitor our own insurance leads to ensure agents connect with the highest-intent insurance shoppers.

3 Take the Call & Close the Policy

We deliver a call in real-time with a highly-engaged insurance shopper looking to speak with you.

Why LeadSquad

Benefits of Pay-Per-Call with LeadSquad

Simple Pricing. No Contracts.

With multiple pricing points to choose from, and absolutley no contracts ever, getting started will only take a few minutes.

Exclusive High Quality Leads.

Generated by our internal marketing team through exclusive web properties and our distribution partners, we guarantee that each lead sent your way is only sent to you.

Personal Support. Friendly Tech.

Our seasoned support staff is there when you need them, and our intuitive, simple, self-serve technology is there when you dont.